Blood Drive This Friday at the Union Hall!

Local 891 Member,

Please attend our blood drive this Friday, May 26th.  Refer to  this flyer  for further details.



March 2, 2017

Local 891 Member,

     The next asbestos screening for Local 891 Members will be held on Saturday, March 25, 2017 beginning at 7AM and ending at 12 Noon.     Please fill out this form and fax back to Joanne Oneill @ 212-941-4835 or email it to:   The location of the exam is;   Medical Associates of Wall Street 65 Broadway Suite 903 New York, N.Y. 10006.

    When I receive your application you will receive an E-Mail with appointment time and forms to fill out and bring with you to the screening.    

Respectfully Yours,  

Joanne ONeill, Occupational Health & Safety Chairperson Local 891

718-455-9731  Ext. 266


December 9, 2016

Local 891 members,
Last week DSF issued Circular No. 4 regarding bank accounts.
Under no circumstance should you put your own money into the HSBC account nor should you pay employee taxes, building deficits or workman’s compensation insurance with your own money. If you have any questions regarding this circular, please contact Local 891.

Any CE who receives an invoice from the New York State Insurance Fund post audit of their payroll records should contact the Local 891 Compensation Insurance Chairman to arrange for a review of their account to determine the precise amount due the NYSIF before they pay that invoice. The amount due may differ from the actual amount owed.

Also any Custodian Engineer who receives an audit bill from the NYSIF and does not have sufficient funding in their HSBC account to pay the bill should contact the Local 891 Compensation Insurance Chairman immediately.  This is of particular importance if your NYSIF audit bill exceeds $10,000.00 to avoid collection activity against you.
Any CE that has not yet had a payroll audit by the NYSIF should also contact the Compensation Insurance Chairman for assistance as soon as possible. All Custodian Engineers must have an audit of their payrolls as part of the insurance cancellation process.


S-12 & S-13 Prep Classes/Extended Use Rates

There has been renewed interest in the S-12 and S-13 Certificate of Fitness exam prep  courses conducted by Local 891. If you would like to attend one or both of these In-Service prep courses, please contact us at and let us know which course you wish to enroll in .  If you need to take both exams, let us know. For your convenience, we will schedule both exams on the same day.

This document contains the latest extended use rates.  The amounts reimbursed may vary.  We will be sending an email clarifying which holidays the custodial workers have off this month, as soon as the information is confirmed.



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Robert J Troeller
President/Business Manager