March, 2016

Brothers and Sisters,

As I have indicated in the past, I have been in negotiations on the method of delivering custodial services. This is taking place in accordance with the side letter agreement we approved in our most recent collective bargaining agreement (CBA).  Mayor de Blasio and I have met several times and I continue to meet with the NYC Office of Labor Relations on a daily basis.  I believe we are close to a deal that will amend our CBA; of course, negotiations can always break down or take longer than expected.  Our Executive Board has recently been notified of the progress.  They have not been informed on any of the terms of the agreement because it is not final.  When the agreement is final, it will be vetted through the Executive Board for a recommendation to the membership.  The membership will receive the agreement in writing prior to a Summons Meeting to vote on and ratify any agreement.

Please disregard the outrageous rumors that are being spread by people from outside and within our union.  The Negotiation Committee consist of the five Chair Officers and our attorney.  They are only people privy to the details being discussed.  One of the main objectives of the City is to change the employer of record and thereby move towards a more “direct system.”  An actual direct civil service system is not being negotiated.  Under the City’s proposals the custodial employees would be eligible for prevailing wage. I certainly could have done more to keep the membership apprised, but I have been consumed in the process of negotiating on your behalf.

Your Negotiation Committee seeks to improve the terms and conditions of your employment.  You have my word that no deal will be reached that doesn’t benefit you and your family.  Any agreement will strengthen our union and ensure the future of this unique craft.  Change is inevitable, but we will preserve your ability to utilize the resources of your assignment in the manner necessary for all of us to succeed.  I appreciate the confidence you place in me and I promise to deliver.




Local 891 International Union of Operating Engineers

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