Workers Compensation Insurance Matters

Any CE who receives an invoice from the New York State Insurance Fund post audit of their payroll records should contact the Local 891 Compensation Insurance Chairman to arrange for a review of their account to determine the precise amount due the NYSIF before they pay that invoice. The amount due may differ from the actual amount owed.
Also any Custodian Engineer who receives an audit bill from the NYSIF and does not have sufficient funding in their HSBC account to pay the bill should contact the Local 891 Compensation Insurance Chairman immediately.  This is of particular importance if your NYSIF audit bill exceeds $10,000.00 to avoid collection activity against you.
Any CE that has not yet had a payroll audit by the NYSIF should also contact the Compensation Insurance Chairman for assistance as soon as possible. All Custodian Engineers must have an audit of their payrolls as part of the insurance cancellation process.