Step-up procedures / Transfer List Will Be Out Soon

April 9, 2019

Local 891 Member,

We anticipate a vacancy list to be issued very shortly by the Division of School Facilities.

Don’t Miss You’re Opportunity to Promote!

Procedures for promotion of permanent Level I Custodian Engineer to Level II

Permanent Custodian Engineer Level I notifies the Division of School Facilities, Director of Field Operations in writing, that he/she has acquired his/her Stationary Engineer’s license and would like to be considered for promotion into permanent Level II title, (henceforth called “Step-ups”). A current copy of the NYC Stationary Engineer license must be attached to the written request and the request must be received prior to the Friday the vacancy list becomes effective.

Members have an additional opportunity to “Step-up” according to the April 2016, MOA.
A relevant two-year associate’s degree or four-year degree (e.g. engineering technology, construction technology, construction management, building management) from an accredited College/University will be treated as the equivalent to a Stationary Engineer License (High Pressure Boiler Operator) for promotional purposes. The same notification procedures to DSF apply. In lieu of the Stationary Engineer License, you would send a copy of your degree and transcript.

The Division of School Facilities will review the request, taking into account the applicant’s past job performance and financial management. The applicant will be notified of the determination.

Step-ups will be given a Level II seniority date of the Friday the vacancy list becomes effective. If more than one Step-up is promoted, Rank # will be based on their seniority in their permanent Level I title.

Step-ups currently in Level I assignments must apply for transfer to a Level II assignment from the vacancy list. If a step-up does not receive a Level II assignment from that list, and there are still assignments available, the Division of School Facilities will assign that individual to one of those assignments. (Should the Custodian Engineer decline the promotion, he/she must rescind the request in writing). In the event there are no Level II assignments available from the list, the Step-up will receive the same Friday seniority date in the Level II title but will be temporarily assigned to a Level II building until the following vacancy list is advertised. The Step-up must then apply for transfer to jobs on that list.

All Step-ups must serve one year in their first Level II assignment before they can transfer.

Level I Custodian Engineers with Refrigeration Licenses, serving in Level II assignments at the time of their promotion, with less than two years in that assignment must remain in that assignment for one year from the date they are promoted to Level II before they can transfer. Level IR Custodian Engineers serving in assignment who would be eligible to transfer may apply for a transfer from the list.

There will be no probation period for Level II Step-ups, provided they previously served a one-year probation in the lower title. A Level I Custodian Engineer with a Refrigeration License serving in a Level II assignment, who has not completed probation will complete their one-year probation at that assignment under the Level II title.



December 4, 2018

Local 891 Member,

You may click here for the official list of Local 891 members who were awarded a Transfer from the recent Vacancy/Transfer List.   Congratulations to those who were awarded a transfer. Please contact Rating and Transfer Committee Chairman Robert Calamia at 718.455.9731 ext. 269 or via email if you have questions or concerns. The top five standings will be sent once they become available. The move date is December 14, 2018.


Local 891 Member,
    You may Click here for a list of the Local 891 members who were awarded a Transfer from the recent Vacancy/Transfer List. Congratulations to those who were awarded a transfer. Please contact Rating and Transfer Committee Chairman Robert Calamia at 718.455.9731 ext. 269 or via email at if you have questions or concerns. Official notification and the top five standings will be sent once they become available. 



March 2, 2017

Local 891 Member,

     The next asbestos screening for Local 891 Members will be held on Saturday, March 25, 2017 beginning at 7AM and ending at 12 Noon.     Please fill out this form and fax back to Joanne Oneill @ 212-941-4835 or email it to:   The location of the exam is;   Medical Associates of Wall Street 65 Broadway Suite 903 New York, N.Y. 10006.

    When I receive your application you will receive an E-Mail with appointment time and forms to fill out and bring with you to the screening.    

Respectfully Yours,  

Joanne ONeill, Occupational Health & Safety Chairperson Local 891

718-455-9731  Ext. 266

December 9, 2016
Last week DSF issued Circular No. 4 regarding bank accounts.
Under no circumstance should you put your own money into the HSBC account nor should you pay employee taxes, building deficits or workman’s compensation insurance with your own money. If you have any questions regarding this circular, please contact Local 891.