May 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Vice-President Matthew Wile is an employer trustee on the 32BJ School Workers Pension Fund. The Fund is conducting routine spot audits of the hours reported to the School Workers Pension Fund by the Dept of Ed. This is required by the Department of Labor and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). The hours that you report on your PO-1s are the basis for the contributions to the Fund. The Fund has retained the accounting firm of Schultheis and Panettieri to perform this audit function. Shannon Carter, at Schultheis and Panettieri is in charge of this audit. If your assignment or a temporary care assignment you had is in the target pool for this audit, I request that you contact Shannon at the above email address and provide her with the mailing address of your assignment so that she may forward you the audit material. Please be sure to copy Matthew Wile,, with your response. I thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

I want to remind everyone that under the indirect system of custodial care in many respects you are considered the employer of the custodial workers. You are obligated to properly collect and transmit union dues for the people who are employed by you. If you have an opening for a Local 94 position, you are required to notify Local 94 of the opening and interview any candidates they may send. If you are a member of this union, moonlighting in another union’s jurisdiction, you are required to pay dues to that local.

Our union has made incredible strides in the past decade to improve our reputation with the general public, in the media and in political circles. Most of that is due to your hard work. We do a great job with inadequate resources. We have taken a proactive approach to media interaction and have become ever more active in political circles. Your participation in EPEC has allowed us to become a much more influential campaign contributor; I hope more of you will join.

It is important to remember we hold a very visible position of great responsibility. Please dress appropriately, especially when you attend meetings, hearings, trials and training sessions.