Catastrophic Medical Plan

Catastrophic Medical Plan Local 891 Welfare Fund

The Catastrophic Medical Plan which is available from the Local 891 Welfare Fund is available to all members enrolled in the GHI/CBP medical plan, (GHI-Type C for Retired Members) and in addition to also must purchase the Optional Rider which is available from the City. The Catastrophic medical plan supplements the major medical benefits provided under the city’s GHI/CBP and GHI Type-C plans in the event of catastrophic illness. The plan pays 100% of eligible expenses after a $2000. annual deductible has been reached. Under the City plan, eligible members and their dependents have the option of receiving medical services from a non-participating medical care provider at a reduced rate of reimbursement. The Funds catastrophic medical coverage is provided to protect those members who select this option from any large out-of-pocket expenses which may occur. The plan does not cover any charges that are covered under the City’s optional rider, such as prescription drug charges, and any charges that are excluded under the basic medical plan are also excluded under the Funds Catastrophic Medical Plan. For further information and forms for reimbursement please contact the Funds Chairman Kevin J. Gallagher, at (718) 455-9731 ext. 301.

Submitted by: Kevin J. Gallagher Welfare Fund Administrator